Once there was a Fisherman, Who used to Daily catch Fish in the Sea,
he used to sell those fish in the market,
and in this way he looked after his family,
Once, he went in the middle of the night , to catch fish, to the seashore,
before reaching the sea, on the way , he got a packet which had something sparkling in it,
being attracted by that packet, he took it in his hand,
and went ahead. when he sat on the sea shore for some time,
when he started to remove, those things, from the packet,
he saw round, round sparkling stones in it,
so what did he do ? It was in the middle
of the night & he was unable to see,
so he started throwing one one stone in the sea,
and he was also enjoying throwing them in the sea,
he was feeling happy. when he had thrown
many sparkling stones into the sea,
and when only one or two were left,
in the meanwhile, the beautiful rays of the of the sun, shone brightly,
and in that brightness, the fisherman’s attention was drawn towards,
the stone & he realised, that, they were sparkling a lot,
these stones may be valuable,
so those few stones which were left, he kept it with him
and went straight to the jeweller,
when the jeweller saw them, he said, “this is real diamond,
it is very valuable it has a very big price. ” The fisherman was astonished,
he felt that , he had thrown so many diamonds into the sea,
he immediately ran and came towards the sea shore,
from where he had thrown the stones,
but all the stones had gone in the sea,
the sea had merged it within itself. Now what can the fisherman do ?
he started repenting, weeped and cried,
‘how much have i wasted ?’ He started to curse his fate,
that, whatever fortune had come to me, with my bad actions, wrong decisions,
wrong way of discrimination, i have spurned my fortune,
he became very sad. in the same way, today, human beings due to waste thoughts, thoughts, thoughts of others,
waste their time in copying and seeing others,they think they are enjoying themselves,but, in reality, we are incurring loss,
We learn from this story,
we have very less time in our hands,
we should not waste time,
and the soul in our body,
it too, has been stained due to the influence of vices,
we have to make the soul into a real diamond,
so practice, to remain in remembrance, of supreme father, supreme soul;
make the soul a real diamond and liberate the self from waste,
whatever you want to do, do it before time.

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