Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday, the British physicist and chemist, discovered  the relationship between  electricity and magnetism.Faraday was born🌅🌇🌄 on September  22, 1791 in  London. His father was a blacksmith. Faraday  was born into a poor family. He worked as a book binder in a shop. He was attending lectures delivered  by sir Humphry Davy. Davy had invented miner’s safety lamp. He was  one of the  Britain’s leading  chemists.Faraday  sent his study notes to  Davy. He began  to work  as his assistant  at the royal  institution, London. He performed  many chemical analyses.On 29August  1831, he found  that currents could  be inducted  by making or breaking an electric circuit.Faraday was elected  a member of  the Royal society  in 1824. Queen Victoria👸  offered him a house in Hampton  court  where he lived  and breathed  his last breath on 25August 1867.🕯🕯

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