Life in western coastal plains

Life in western coastal plains


Gujarat lies in the north- west of India. Its capital is Gandhinagar. Trading and farming are the main occupations of the people of the state. Jowar and bajra are the main cereal crops. The other crops grown are sugarcane, cotton, groundnut and tabacco. Gujarat has several well developed industries



The konkan coast runs through Maharashtra. Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, lies on the konkan coast. It is the biggest seaport in India. The seabed off the konkan coast has large deposits of petroleum. The region is called Bombay high.


To the south of Maharashtra is the small and beautiful state of Goa. Its capital is Panaji. Goa is rich in iron ore. Mining is an important industry in the state. Christmas is the main festival in the state. Tourists visit Goa in large number every year because of its beautiful beaches and churches.


As we go to the south from Goa, along the coast, we come to Karnataka. Mangalore is an important seaport. Its capital is Bengaluru is called the green city. Krishna and kaveri are two important rivers of Karnataka. 


In the extreme south of the western coastal plains lies the beautiful state of Kerala. Thiruvanantapuram, earlier known as Trivandrum, is the capital of the state. Kochi is an important seaport of Kerala. Kerala produces large quantities of spices, coconut, cashew, coffee and  rubber.


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