Today we saw a fire drill, first we were tensed to have a long bell, we thought that realy there was a fire but we relaxed after listening that we are safe its just a fire drill. Sir told us about the evacuation.Evacuation-that means that you have to come out after listening the long bell and see if anyone is injured or not and to bring him/her out. We have three types of fire danger-

  1. Fire A- That is normal fire caused and the fire could be easily extinguished with water.
  2. Fire B- That is a bit dangearous one as it is caused by oil and petrol and diesels so as we try to put water on the fire the water flows with the oil and the fire increases more so in this case we should use fire extinguishion which will hwlp us to get out of that fire.
  3. Fire C- This is the most dangreous fire that is caused as it is a metal fire and we have to call firebricat in this case and of course we also should not use water to off that fire