Save Water

Save Water

Save water, save lives,

save earth to make it more bright.

The earth can live for a million years,

but we are killing and taking its thousand years.

We are depended on water,

but we are wasting the water.

We do not care about water,

and after years they think why did I waste water.


No water here,

no water there,

no water everywhere,

but only salty water wherever you go.

There are no rains,

there is only dried up wells,

our lands became like deserts,

and we became  like people who search for oasis.

One drop of water can save our life,

some drops of water are enough to save our countries life.


Come let save the water,

save the water from now because,

there is use of saving water,

after hundred years.

Save water with a sincere heart,

save water with a pleasing mind,

save water with a sensible speech,

save water with everything you can.

We will do some protest,

we will do some debates,

we will do anything to save our water and make it pure, purer, purest.



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