Technology- A Friend or Foe?


Well in today’s life, technology is a title that one cannot possiby survive without. The more updated, the better. Computer systems, high-tech touchscreen phones, tablets, laptops, video game gadgets and the list of technology friendly items are endless. But the disadvantages we have without them are endless, as well. We are all basically trapped in the web of technology.


This is one of the best examples of latest technology. This propaganda is something that opens the door to the future of quick and easy livelihood. I bet everyone has always wanted someone to help them with the unnecessary household and such. Well, we have ‘Apple Home’, our friendly new buddy, who helps us with all such necessities. Thanks to Apple, the popular brand, that started with the best selling iPhones, now welcomes the new coming era with HomeKit and Home App.

We can keep our house in control with just one tap on our iPhone screen. One tap to switch on the lights, another tap to turn off the television, and one more tap to close the bedroom door. All with just one click. To make this feature even better, Apple has come up with an excellent update to organize rooms into a zone. But this time, we don’t even need to tap. All we’d have to do is tell your house what to do.

Siri, who has always been an Apple friendly robot, is now fixed in the app of Home. Siri can also be called as your home buddy, who does all the household stuff, controls the house accessories from different rooms, get notified if there are any changes in your house, and even organizing and cleaning your house.

Livelihood made easier in two words- Apple Home.



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