THE 10 Dimensions Explained

The First Dimension: Length

Straight Line

The first dimension is length, or x-axis—a straight line, with no other characteristics.

The Second Dimension: Height


Height, or y-axis, can be added to the length to produce a two-dimensional object, such as a triangle or square.

The Third Dimension: Depth


Depth, or z-axis, can be added to the previous two dimensions to produce objects that have volume, like a cube, pyramid, or sphere. This is the end of the dimensions that are directly physically perceptible by human beings. All dimensions beyond the third are theoretical.

The Fourth Dimension: Time

Cube Time

The fourth dimension is the position in time occupied by a three-dimensional object. (Image via.)

The Fifth Dimension: Possible Worlds

Multiple Earths

The fifth dimension is a world slightly different than ours, from which we could measure similarities and differences to our own world. (Image via.)

The Sixth Dimension: A Plane of All Possible Worlds With the Same Start Conditions

Multiple Worlds

The sixth dimension is a plane containing all possible universes with the same start conditions as ours; i.e., the Big .

The Seventh Dimension: A Plane of All Possible Worlds With Different Start Conditions

Many Worlds

The seventh dimension expands upon the sixth by plotting all possible worlds that begin with different start conditions.

The Eighth Dimension: A Plane of All Possible Worlds, Each With Different Start Conditions, Each Branching Out Infinitely


Are you dizzy yet? (OK, OK, look, there’s a point beyond which the mind of humanity is unable to cognize without resorting to rave flyer graphics.) (Image via.)

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The Ninth Dimension: All Possible Worlds, Starting With All Possible Start Conditions and Laws of Physics


In each of these dimensions, which represent all possible start conditions, the laws of physics are all completely different. (Image via.)

The Tenth Dimension: Infinite Possibilities


At this level of complexity, everything that is possible and imaginable exists. Even a world in which you have no student loans.

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