solar car

                                                   Solar Car

what is a solar cell ?

A cell which converts suns energy into electrical energy. It is made by sillicon which is a semi conductor . A semiconductor is a material has an electrical conductivity value falling between that of a conductor.


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what is it made up of ?

it is made up of silicon cell which are of two types p type and n type silicon ,p types silicon contains more space foe electrons and n type silicion conducts more electrons.

Working of an solar panel.

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when suns energy is fallen on the panel light energy is converted into electrical energy , n type provides electrons and p type conducts protons in between they are conected with a line called junction where the photonsn or particiles of light meet and when the circuit is completed it conducts electricity.

photovoltaic effect :

It is the creation of voltage in a chemical reaction like converting light into electrical energy. it was first observed by an french physist A.E.Bruel in 1863. The first practical cell was invented at bell labs at new york.

one of the biggest solar panel example is the Kochi airport it is fully operated on sloar energy


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simples way to make a solar car

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