Gender dysphoria-there are only two genders.

If a boy thinks he’s a girl and if a girl thinks she’s a boy..this is not relevant to biology i.e u cant deny biology..

“Gender dysphoria”is a mental illness,in which people have hard time knowing their gender which can be cured by therapy.

“If a “trans-woman” thinks he’s a woman…no he’s not because that’s a psychological issue”.¬†As his brain scans and genetics are of male i.e xx chromosomes.

And so if im a human( well i obviously am)…i cant identify as a unicorn.

As arguing to “Jane matilda”

“You have to be biologically male to be a boy have to be a boy to be a boy scout.”

where’s that written?IN THE NAME “BOYSCOUT”.

According to biology/science/reality there are only two genders.

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