our giving earth

Hello friends’ my name is Advik. today I am going to talk about our natural resources

Our earth gives us many things that we use like water, trees, rubber etc. We use many of these usefully but some of these are being wasted like trees, water etc. Trees are being cut the most because of deforestation. Water can be seen every where but only some can be used for drinking. All of these are going to waste so we need to save and preserve these useful things and not waste them.


Hi friends, I, Kriteesh is back again with an amazing topic, Mobiles. Mobiles are sometimes useful or harmful.


  • If we do not have dictionary, we could use mobiles by opening google.
  • Mobiles  have many types of apps which is useful for our daily activities.                                                                                                                                                                                           Disadvantages
  • It harms our eyes with its harmful invisible blue rays.
  • It effects our brains.
  • We feel like playing always in it and do not spend times in others.                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Dangerous mobiles

life Under Water….

Hello friends,My name is Riddhima. I am a school student…I study in grade 5…

Wow! a life under water,when we just think about that we feel fantastic..It would be so thrilling and interesting ..Many people do scuba diving in that,they go under water to see the beauty of the under water.They wear  oxygen masks so they can breathe.They get to see beautiful fishes,sea horses dolphins and many more..There are many amazing plants under water some of them are hydrilla,vallisneria etc.The cute houses of the fishes look beautiful…The cool water and a spectacular scene makes us feel calm and relaxed..But we should be careful while swimming in the water,because there are many harmful aquatic animals like sharks, wales etc.We should not touch or trouble any aquatic animal…I wish that I could also do scuba diving and watch the life under water…..


Mother Nature

hello friends,my name is Aarush,iam a school student,i study in grade .i am going to introduction

  1.   Mother nature is made by god
  2. mother nature is god s gift.
  3. mother nature is as beautiful
  4. seeing mother nature is hardly seeing a football match.
  5. I love mother nature.

mother nature

Bio-Hi I am kanan and i study in 5 grade i am going to tell you about mother nature.

Blog-  nature is a place where we find greenery and many plants .mother nature gives us many things like- food ,shelter,habaitie, and oxygen. it has many flowers like-mari gold , rose, lily ,etc.      

A Life UnderWater

Hello….. my name is Shawn I am a kind school student that study’s in grade 5.Today I will talk about life under water.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Life underwater is lonely because there are no humans to talk with,play with etc but on the other hand there are sea creature that you can spend your time with them. I use to play with little fishes or fishes that are my size but i didn’t play with fishes that could harm me.I use to eat Salome because the always disturbed me.But one day the humans caught me and took me back to the men’s land. I was disheartened but they I started having a normal life I will never ever forget the precious days.

mobile phones. are they useful or not?

hello,my name is Advik. I study in grade 5. I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. The advantages of mobile phones are that they can give a lot of  information for studies, they can help us to free our selves from boredom and they be easily fitted into our pockets and they are light weight. the disadvantages are that if we look at for many hours, our eyes hurt and even get diseases 

Lovely Mother Nature

Hi friends, Kriteesh here. Today my topic is Mother Nature. Mother nature is too beautiful but we humans try to destroy it. We should take care of mother nature and do not harm it otherwise the mother nature punish us by making the weather bad and it would destroy our house again and again. The crop would not grow and we cannot eat food.

– Do not harm otherwise we will be harmed.