story of my basketball life-3


the year was about to come to an end. basketball became a major part of my school life. i was surprised that how a sport that was so strange to us on the first sports lecture would become so loved. we wanted show the world that we possessed some awesome basketball skills so we asked the principal for a basketball tournament.WE WANTED IT…. finally after so much of requesting the principal decided to organise a tournament. many enrolled their names for different sports.teams matched .practice matches took place everyon excited we got half a month for practicing the sport. everyone were excited. all were hyped.

i was a part of team A and all my other buddies were in different teams.then there was match day it was november 2017 , it was a cold morning and i left early to support my other buds . all i carried was jersey, shorts and sport drink.

my team had the firsty match. i was the defender. the first match was greaty. we won, there were total of 3 match and we won two. therefore webagged the 2nd rank. yippeee!!!! first match and 2nd rank. thats a good start.

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