Chapter 102

I’m not gonna be your worthless punching bag Deku forever… Kacchan. I’m… I’m the Deku who always does his best!

Izuku Midoriya to Katsuki Bakugo in “Rage, You Nerd”

Izuku Midoriya (緑みどり谷や出いず久く Midoriya Izuku?), also known as Deku (デク?), is the protagonist of My Hero Academia.

Though born without a Quirk, he manages to catch the attention of the legendary hero All Might due to his innate heroism, and has since become his close pupil as well as a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School. All Might passed on his Quirk to Izuku, making him the ninth holder of One For All.


One For All 20%
Izuku utilizing 20% of One For All.

One For All (ワン・フォー・オール Wan Fō Ōru?): Given to him from Toshinori Yagi, or, as he’s more commonly referred to as, All Might, Izuku’s Quirk gives him access to stockpiled power, granting him superhuman strength[4] and greatly enhanced agility and mobility by spreading his power through his body.[5][6]

Though he has yet to demonstrate superhuman speed, immense reflexes, and durability on the level of All Might, Izuku has shown to be able to properly control a small percentage of One For All’s power, using it to enhance his strength, speed, and agility. If Izuku does not keep One For All below his current limit of 20%, his body can be immensely damaged by the force of his movements. Izuku has also displayed a type of mental connection to the previous users of One For All.[7]

Recently, Izuku’s reflexes and speed have improved with the use of One For All, being able to hold his ground against various incoming attacks during the Provisional License exam. Izuku’s control of One For All has improved as his current maximum is 20% of One For All’s power while in Full Cowl, at the time of U.A’s Cultural Festival.[8]

The core of the quirk One For All, which was hidden within the stockpiled physical power of Izuku’s predecessors and had since had the quirk factors of the previous generations merged into it is continuously growing inside of him. Izuku will eventually manifest six other Quirks besides One For All. The known Quirks that Izuku has manifested so far are:

Blackwhip (黒鞭クロムチ Kuro Muchi?): The Quirk that had belonged to a bald One For All predecessor. It creates whips of black energy which can be used to grab objects from long distances, and can also allow the user to pull themselves towards said objects.


  • Detroit Smash (デトロイトスマッシュ Detoroito Sumasshu?): The same as All Might‘s move, except Izuku does it in the form of an uppercut.[9]
  • Delaware Smash (デラウエアスマッシュ Derauea Sumasshu?): Izuku flicks his finger to create a powerful wind pressure shock wave that has enough force to break large chunks of ice.[10] Due to using this attack at 100%, it fractures said finger, limiting the time he can use this move without gravely injuring himself up to ten times.[11]
One For All Full Cowl 3

One For All: Full Cowl.

  • One For All: Full Cowl (ワン・フォー・オール フルカウル Wan Fō Ōru Furu Kauru?): Through his training with Gran Torino, Izuku was able to unlock this stage of his power and get better control of his Quirk. This technique allows Izuku to activate 20% (previously 5% which was then improved to 8%) of One For All throughout his body, letting the power course and flow through him instead of concentrating it in one location. According to Izuku, this technique gives him greater maneuverability.[12] Activating this technique gives him enhanced strength, speed, mobility, and agility. It also prevents him from breaking his bones when attacking. The cost of using this technique reduces the damage of how much his attacks do since instead of centering the power into a certain area, Izuku spreads it throughout his body.[5][13]
    • 5% Detroit Smash (5 パーセント デトロイトスマッシュ 5 Pāsento Detoroito Sumasshu?): Izuku activates One for All: Full Cowl at 5% then jumps into the air and delivers an enhanced downward punch to the opponent.[14] He has also used this move in the form of a straight, forward facing punch.[15]
    • Delaware Smash Air Force (デラウエアスマッシュエアフォース Deraruea Sumasshu Eafosu?): Izuku uses his upgraded gloves that Mei Hatsume made for him to direct a blast of compressed air against his foe, possessing enough concussive force to stun Gentle while he was in mid-air, giving Izuku an opening to catch up to him.[16] By using all five of his fingers, he can launch up to four Delaware Smashes simultaneously.[17]
Izuku uses 100% on Muscular

A One For All Smash at 100%.

  • One For All 100%: A technique that allows Izuku to attack using the full power of One For All in the desired part of his body, with the cost of said body part breaking upon execution. Further usage of the same limb after an initial attack can cause scarring, as seen with his fights against Shoto (causing Izuku to get surgery on his right hand due to injuries) and Muscular (leaving multiple scars across his right arm).[18]
    • 100% Detroit Smash (100 パーセント デトロイトスマッシュ Hyaku Pāsento Detoroito Sumasshu?): This move involves Izuku activating One For All at 100% in his arm and then striking his target with a lunging punch.[19]
    • 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash (1000000 パーセント デトロイトデラウエアスマッシュ 1000000 Pāsento Derauea Detoroito Sumasshu?): This move involves Izuku activating One For All at 100% during an adrenaline rush and then striking his opponent with a full-swing attack. When performing the move Izuku first uses a full-handed Delaware Smash, then delivers a devastating Detroit Smash. During the of his battle with Muscular, Izuku not only managed to overpower but launch his augmented opponent with enough force to create an impact crater in solid rock with the strike alone, thus defeating him.[19]
Full Cowl - Shoot Style

Shoot Style.

  • One For All: Full Cowl – Shoot Style (ワンフォーオール フルカウル シュートスタイル Wan Fō Ōru Furu Kauru Shūto Sutairu?): While using One For All: Full Cowl, Izuku uses a fighting style that focuses more on kicking.[20] Izuku concentrates One for All: Full Cowl’s effects in his torso and legs rather than his arms, allowing him to put out even more power due to the fact that the human leg muscles are naturally stronger than the human arm muscles, granting him enough power and stability and allowing him to step away from the shackles of having to imitate All Might.
    • Shoot Style: St. Louis Smash (シュートスタイルセントルイススマッシュ Shūto Sutairu Sento Ruisu Sumasshu?) While using the Shoot Style, Izuku leaps into the air and before swinging around to deliver a roundhouse kick to the opponent’s face. Izuku used this move to incapacitate Gentle Criminal, who had been empowered by La Brava’s Lover Mode Quirk to match Izuku’s use of One for All: Full Cowl at 8% of its power.[17]
  • One For All: Full Cowl – 20%: Izuku uses 20% of One for All’s full power and distributes it throughout his body, giving him an even greater power and speed boost. While it won’t cause his bones to break, it does put immense strain on Izuku’s body, causing him great pain to the point that it feels like his bones are on the verge of breaking.[21]
    • Manchester Smash (マンチェスタースマッシュ Manchesutā Sumasshu?): Izuku leaps into the air and flips forward to bring down an axe kick upon his opponent. Although Chisaki managed to dodge it, it pulverized the ground thoroughly enough that Chisaki wasn’t able to completely retaliate with his Overhaul Quirk.[22]
One For All Full Cowl - 100%

Izuku uses One For All: Full Cowl – 100%.

  • One For All 30%: A technique that allows Izuku to use 30% of One For All throughout his body. Due to it being used in conjunction with Melissa Shield‘s Full Gauntlet, which nullified any drawbacks to using One for All at higher percentages, it is unknown how this state affects Izuku’s body under normal conditions.
  • One For All: Full Cowl – 100% (ワン・フォー・オール フルカウル 100%パーセント Wan Fō Ōru Furu Kauru 100 Pāsento?): Izuku activates One For All to its fullest extent throughout in Full Cowl, granting him a tremendous boost in speed and strength that allowed him to easily overwhelm the likes of Kai Chisaki. This was first used against Chisaki to protect Eri. The power increase seemingly gives him fire-like trails coming from his eyes and light colored hair. He can currently only use it infinitely with no damage done to his body while in physical contact with Eri. Since Eri has the ability to rewind the state of a person’s body, any damage done to Izuku’s body by using One For All at 100% would continually be undone by Eri’s Quirk which proved useful in his fight with the villain.[23]


  • Costume Gamma (コスチュームγガンマ Kosuchūmu Ganma?): Following Izuku’s decision to change his combat to Shoot Style, Mei Hatsume upgrades his second costume. New additions consist of improved arm bracers that span the length of Izuku’s arm in order to prevent further damage to them and iron soles to increase his kicking power.[24]
    • Iron Soles: Created by Mei Hatsume, the Iron Armor Soles attached to Izuku’s signature red shoes. Upon kicking something, the soles absorb the impact and redistribute the kinetic energy back out to increase the impact strength of Izuku’s kicks.[25]
    • Air Force Gloves: Mei Hatsume gives Izuku a further upgrade to his costume with the addition of high tech support gloves.[26] They allow Izuku to utilize pressurized air created by Full Cowl and use it as projectiles by flicking his finger. [16]
  • Full Gauntlet (formerly): Created by Melissa Shield, it was given to Izuku after she figured out he was limiting his output of One For All during the faux villain course at I-Island Expo. The device allowed him to use his Quirk at higher percentages without the risk of self-injury. The gauntlet was later destroyed at the of Izuku and All Might’s fight against Wolfram.


  • (To All Might) “I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise…! I want to be like you…! Like you. The strongest hero.[28]
  • (To Katsuki Bakugo) “I’m not gonna be your worthless punching bag Deku forever… Kacchan. I’m… I’m the Deku who always does his best![29]
  • (To Shoto Todoroki) “Just trying to meet expectations! A smiling… dependable… cool hero… That’s what I wanna be! That’s why I’m giving it everything! For everyone! Your experiences… your determination… I can’t even begin to imagine what all that’s like… but… If you become number one without giving it your all… Then I don’t think you’re serious… about denying him everything! That’s why I have to win! I have to surpass you![30]
  • (To Tenya Iida) “I-I’ve got a lot to say to you, but… That’ll have to come later…! Because it’s like All Might said… Giving help that’s not asked for… is what makes a true hero![31]
  • (To All Might) “I’ll do my best! Whatever you say, All Might… I’ll step up to the challenge! As long as you’re by my side, I can do anything… That’s how I feel, anyway![32]
  • (To Kota Izumi) “If all the villains attacking tonight are on his level… everyone’s in trouble. And they might be after us students. I need to tell Mr. Aizawa and the wild wild Pussycats what I know. If my actions can save any of them… Then I’ve gotta do something.[33]


Deku counters Katsuki

Izuku possesses moderate combat skills and fundamental fighting knowledge from his years of hero studies.

Overall Abilities: Izuku’s greatest asset prior to receiving his Quirk was his vast knowledge of fundamental hero skills and tactics. Izuku studied pro heroes for years and is able to apply that knowledge during crisis situations in a practical manner. His immense bravery and desire to become a hero was also a key factor greatly in helping his ability to protect himself and others. Before gaining his Quirk from All Might, he took on the Sludge Villain and rescued Katsuki because of his boldness and applications of heroic skills.

All Might trained Izuku for months in order to get his body physically ready to inherit One For All, so he gained a muscular physique that allows him to perform at parameters higher than that of an average student outside U.A.’s hero course. After inheriting One For All from All Might, he was granted the ability to harness a stockpile of powerful energy. He could move faster than the eye can see and take down an enormous villain bot in a single punch. However, the physical backlash prevented Izuku from being able to fight properly or compete with his peers on an even playing field. Even so, he still possessed impressive physical durability, and his drive allowed him to withstand the drawbacks of One For All.

Despite the intense drawbacks of One For All, Izuku’s wits allowed him to use One For All in ways that were still effective in battle. He also retains his ability to act instinctively based on his notes and possesses basic hand to hand combat knowledge. This was shown when he was able to fight with Katsuki for a short time during the battle trial thanks to his knowledge and novice combat experience even though Katsuki is the superiorly talented student. Even more impressively, he overwhelmed Shoto in single combat because the latter was only using his ice. Even only using his right side, Shoto was the most promising student in Class 1-A at the time, but Izuku was able to force him to use his left side.

St. Louis Smash

Izuku improves to the point where he can defeat a real villain on his own.

Following his training with Gran Torino, Izuku gained more control over One For All and improved his overall skills greatly. While using One For All: Full Cowl, Izuku gains greatly enhanced maneuverability, strength, and a reduction in the physical backlash using his Quirk creates. This allows him to compete more closely with his classmates in the physical aspects of the Hero Course and even allows him to fight properly against villains like the Hero Killer. As his mastery over his Quirk improves, so do his practical skills. His bravery, resolve, and intelligence remain steadfast, pushing him to get stronger as well.

Izuku eventually develops his own unique fighting style in order to separate himself from All Might. This further propels Izuku’s skills to elite status. By their second fight, Izuku is able to fare much better against Katsuki. Even though Katsuki still held the advantage in physical traits and won, Izuku was able to injure him, showcasing his drastic improvement. By the time of the U.A. Cultural Festival, Izuku played a key part in defeating several capable villains like Overhaul and held his own against members of the League of Villains. He was even able to best Gentle Criminal in battle on his own after the villain was powered up by La Brava‘s Quirk.

Keen Intellect: Izuku has proven to be exceptionally intelligent on many occasions, displaying both keen observation and analysis as well as adept intuition and resourcefulness. It is usually his intelligence that has helped him more than his Quirk. Izuku is able to formulate strategies that take advantage of the situation and uses his knowledge to creatively utilize the Quirks of other people to their full potential, such as working together with Tsuyu Asui and Minoru Mineta to escape the villains at the flood zone in the USJ. Izuku also has extensive knowledge on Pro Heroes, his classmates and their Quirks, as well as he wrote them down in great detail in a notebook called Hero Analysis for the Future. Izuku’s intelligence has allowed him to figure out One For All’s mechanisms, allowing him to utilize the Quirk more efficiently in a short span of time. Gran Torino even compliments Izuku’s intelligence, saying that Izuku is the type of person who thinks before he acts. Izuku’s intelligence is so vast that it allowed him to rank fourth in the academic exams, which showed that all of his training doesn’t hinder his studies.[3] During Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, Izuku also deduced the strategies of the schools and correctly figured they would come after his class first after seeing the Sports Festival.

High Pain Tolerance: Izuku has shown in many occasions that he is able to handle and bear with a lot of pain, such times are mostly because of the repercussion of over-using his Quirk. However, he can still manage to move his body despite feeling excruciating pain, which was seen in his fights with Muscular and Katsuki.






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