do not cut tree’s

do not cut tree’s because they give us oxygen and are a part of our life we can not live without  tree’s not only tree’s are our part of life even plants are also part of our future because they help us a lot they also give us food also i finnally want to say ”save tree’s”

Save Earth

  • We should not produce air polution
  • we should use dustbin to put the garbage
  • we should not liter the earth
  • we should not fire crackers
  • we should not use plastic bag

Save Earth

We  should save  earth by 

  • We should use cycle to go near by.
  • We should not cut trees
  • we should not use plastic bag.

The Ford Mustang is an American car manufactured by Ford. It was originally based on the platform of the second generation North American Ford Falcon, a compact car. The original 1962 Ford Mustang I two-seater concept car had evolved into the 1963 Mustang II four-seater concept car which Ford used to pretest how the public would take interest in the first production Mustang. The1963 Mustang II concept car was designed with a variation of the production model’s front and rear ends with a roof that was 2.7 inches shorter. Introduced early on April 17, 1964 (16 days after the Plymouth Barracuda), and thus dubbed as a “1964½” by Mustang fans, the 1965 Mustang was the automaker’s most successful launch since the Model A. The Mustang has undergone several transformations to its current sixth generation.

The Mustang created the “pony car” class of American muscle cars, affordable sporty coupes with long hoods and short rear decks, and gave rise to competitors such as the Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac FirebirdAMC Javelin, Chrysler‘s revamped Plymouth Barracuda, and the second generation Dodge Challenger. The Mustang is also credited for inspiring the designs of coupés such as the Toyota Celica and Ford Capri, which were imported to the United States.

As of August 2018, over 10 million Mustangs have been produced in the U.S.





SCIENCE  refers

 C V RAMAN A GREAT INDIAN SCIENTISTto  a branch of knowledge or study dealing with body of facts or truths

 systematically arranged and  showing the operation of general laws: the

 mathematical sciences.

TECHNOLOGY refers  to

the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry

ENGINEERING refers to 

the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.

MATHEMATICS  refers to

includes the study of such topics as quantity, structure, space, and change.Mathematicians seek and use patterns to formulate new conjectures; they resolve the truth or falsity of conjectures by mathematical proof.

From Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Logic…to Statistics they are all diversified topics within Maths dealing with measurement or prediction of quantitative values. … Mathematics is the study of structure. It is the study of the interrelations between objects of one sort or another.

As a result, he has been hailed as the first true mathematician and the first known individual to whom a mathematical discovery has been attributed. Pythagorasestablished the Pythagorean School, whose doctrine it was that mathematics ruled the universe and whose motto was “All is number”.



Rockets  are  transports which  are  send  to  space.They are  send  to  research  to   prove  that  will  something  intresting  they  capture  photos  of  space  .  They  give  us  information   about   other  planets, stars,comets  and  milky way.  They  are  made  by  man  .   They  give   us signal   for  telivision   and   mobile  phones . Scientists  will   launch  rockets . Astronaut  will  travel  space  by  rockets.