Diwali πŸŽ†

Diwali is known as the festival of lights. Every year to celebrate, people light up the sky by fireworks and many more. Diwali is celebrated to welcome Rama and Sita from 14 years of exile. People put and lit candles so Rama and Sita could navigate the way to the palace in the dark.

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Kim,Jodie and the Tiny person

Hello my name is Lisha and I am from Nagarbhavi branch. Today I am sharing a story with all of you. The story’s name is Kim,Jodie and the Tiny person

Kim,Jodie and the Tiny person
It was a fine October morning. Kim and Jodie skipped along the soft sand. They were laughing and joking with each other. Earlier they had discussed what they were going to do. They climbed the stony steps to the old castle. Suddenly they heard a deafening noise behind them,they turned around and couldn’t believe their eyes… As if by magic,a tiny person spoke to them,he said:’If you are trying to find the magic stone then follow me.’
Kim and Jodie thought that was interesting so they said yes. They climbed about one hundred crumbly steps,when they got to the top,they saw a huge,golden door. The kids slightly opened the creaky door,they looked inside and a massive stone lying on the tile,cold floor. The tiny person said:’That is the wishing stone,close your eyes and make a wish in your head . Don’t tell it to anyone as otherwise it won’t come true!’
So the children made their wishes and rushed outside to tell their parents. When they got home,they told their mothers about the adventure but of course,they thought the two children were just making it up.

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