In 484 AD, King Arthur and his knights battle against the Saxons. Elsewhere, Merlin approaches the Knights of Iacon, a group of Transformers hiding on Earth, to help win the war. They hand him an alien staff, before transforming together into Dragonstorm, warning Merlin that a great evil will come for the staff.

In the present, five years after the Hong Kong Uprising in the previous film, Optimus Prime crashlands on Cybertron, and meets his alleged creator Quintessa. Quintessa blames Optimus for Cybertron losing life, but brainwashes him (and renames him Nemesis Prime) into helping to gain Merlin’s staff, which can absorb Earth’s energy to restore their homeworld. Earth is revealed to be the slumbering Unicron, whose horns are emerging across the planet.

On Earth, Transformers remain unwelcome amongst humanity, apart from in Cuba, and are hunted by the Transformer Reaction Force (TRF), a military force formed from the fallen Cemetery Wind. Cade Yeager, an ally to the Autobots, helps hide refugees from the TRF in his remote junkyard. In the war torn Chicago, Cade, Bumblebee, street-wise girl Izabella and her Transformer companions: Sqweeks and Canopy, helps a group of children evade the TRF drones, but Canopy is killed. Cade receives a mechanical talisman from a dying Autobot knight and has a brief standoff with the TRF before heading back to his junkyard with Izabella and Sqweeks. Both Megatron and the American military become aware of the talisman’s value and power, reluctantly joining forces to obtain it and a number of Decepticon prisoners are released to aid in the mission. The Decepticons and the TRF locate Cade’s hideout thanks to a tracker that the TRF had planted on Bumblebee during the standoff.

Cade, his assistant Jimmy, Izabella, and Sqweeks flee from the Decepticons and the TRF to an abandoned town where the Autobots ambush their enemies and defeat them while Cade, Jimmy, and Izabella battle a unit of TRF drones. Cogman, a steampunk Transformer, approaches Cade and invites him to travel to the United Kingdom and meet his employer, Sir Edmund Burton, who has connections to the Transformers. Burton also has his associate, Hot Rod, bring Viviane Wembley, an University of Oxford English Literature professor, to his estate.

Bringing Cade, Viviane, and Bumblebee together, Burton explains that Transformers have been aiding mankind in war for centuries, their existence hidden by a secret society of historical figures known as the Order of Witwiccans. The talisman can lead to Merlin’s staff, buried with him in a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden at the bottom of the sea. However, only a direct descendant of Merlin can wield it, revealing Viviane is the last in his blood line. MI6, London Police, and the TRF discover them, forcing them to flee. Following clues and evading the TRF, MI6, and the Decepticon Barricade, Cade, Viviane, Bumblebee, and Cogman commandeer the HMS Alliance to find the spacecraft, followed by the TRF in submarines of their own.

Burton later contacts Seymour Simmons, both learning that Earth is Unicron, and the staff will be used to drain the planet’s life, via an access point hidden under Stonehenge. Locating the ship, Cade and Viviane discover Merlin’s tomb and obtain the staff. Viviane activates it, causing the spacecraft to become airborne, awakening the Knights of Iacon. As the TRF try to take the staff from them, Optimus arrives, forcing them to surrender the staff. Bumblebee and Cade confront Optimus, the former speaking in his own voice, stirring Optimus’ memories and freeing him from Quintessa’s control. The Knights try to execute Optimus for his presumed betrayal, but Cade stops them when his talisman transforms into Excalibur and the Knights yield to him.

Cybertron anchors itself to Earth above Stonehenge, Megatron joins forces with Quintessa after taking the staff from Optimus. Burton tries to intervene, but is mortally wounded by Megatron. The Autobots and TRF arrive, storming Quintessa’s lair to destroy her and obtain the staff. While many of the Decepticons and Quintessa’s minions are killed, Optimus defeats Megatron while Quintessa is seemingly destroyed by him and Bumblebee. Cybertron and Earth are spared upon Viviane removing the staff, now connected together. Optimus sends a message out to surviving Autobots to return home and rebuild their world.

In a mid-credits scene, Quintessa, disguised as a human, approaches a group of scientists inspecting one of Unicron’s horns, offering a way to destroy him.


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An uncredited actor voices Canopy, an Autobot refugee and a friend of Izabella who camouflages into a shielding pile of rubble.[48] Additionally, an elderly Autobot that transforms into a Hawker Hurricane fighter plane cameos at Burton’s castle, whose voice actor is also uncredited. A Transformer who turns into the HMS Alliance appears, though not seen in robot mode. Trench, an Autobot who resembles the Constructicon Scrapper and transforms into an excavator, makes a cameo at Cade’s junkyard.


  • Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots, who transforms into a mechanical horned, fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus.[18]
  • Slug, the savage Dinobot destroyer who transforms into a mechanical spiked and bestial Triceratops.[49]
  • Mini-Dinobots, the Mini versions of Grimlock, Slug, and Strafe.[50]


Uncredited actors both voice Onslaught, a Decepticon tactician who transforms into a green Western Star 4900SF tow truck,[59][54] and Berserker, a monstrous Decepticon commando who transforms into a Chevy Tahoe emergency vehicle,[54] each speaking only a single line. Starscream‘s severed head is shown being boasted by Daytrader, and later held by Megatron. In Sir Edmund Burton’s castle, a picture of Shockwave is seen; both Shockwave and Soundwave are briefly mentioned by Viviane.


  • Various uncredited actors voice the Knights of Iacon, a group of twelve Cybertronian Knights who protects the Staff and merge to form the three-headed dragon, Dragonstorm. They include Dragonicus, Stormreign, Steelbane, and Skullitron.[60]
  • Infernocons, Quintessa’s demon-like guardians who combine to form Infernocus.[51]
  • Unicron, a giant planet-destroying Transformer who is mentioned at various points throughout the film; six of his mechanical horns are seen on EarthImage result for Transformers The Last Knight




Born on February 5, 1985, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is a Portuguese soccer player with Manchester United. By 2003 — when he was just 16 years old — Manchester paid £12 million (over $14 million U.S. dollars) to sign him, a record fee for a player of his age. In the 2004 FA Cup final, Ronaldo scored Manchester’s first three goals and helped them capture the championship. In 2008, he set a franchise record for goals scored. In 2009, Real Madrid paid a record $131 million for his services.


  • In 2009, the Spanish soccer club Real Madrid agreed to pay Manchester United a record $131 million for the chance to sign Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s commitment to Manchester United had come under constant question, and speculation swirled that he wanted to play elsewhere, so nobody was all that surprised to see Ronaldo leave.

“I know that they are going to demand a lot of me to be successful at the club and I know that I’m going to have much more pressure than at Manchester United because I was there for many years,” Ronaldo told reporters. “But it means a new challenge and is going to help me be the best footballer.”

Ronaldo went on to compile an impressive list of individual honors and team trophies. In January 2017, Ronaldo won FIFA’s 2016 best player of the year for the fourth time, beating out FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. Ronaldo’s 2016 wins included the European Championship, Champions League, and Club World Cup, plus individual awards from UEFA and France Football magazine, according to USA Today. In his acceptance speech, Ronaldo said: “2016 was the best year of my career.”

Portugal National Team

  • On July 10, 2016, Ronaldo added an emotional victory to his collection. As his national team’s captain, Ronaldo led Portugal to the European Championship final against France. Although he was sidelined after suffering a knee injury 25 minutes into the match, Portugal went on to win the championship title 1-0, their first international trophy. Ronaldo’s teammates said that he motivated them as team captain from the sidelines. “He gave us a lot of confidence and he said, ‘Listen people, I’m sure we will win this Euro so stay together and fight for it,’” full-back Cedric Soares said after Portugal’s victory.

“This is one of the happiest moments in my career,” Ronaldo commented. ”I’ve always said I wanted to win a trophy with the national team and make history. And I did it. Thank God, things went well for us.”

Early Life

  • By the time he was 10 years old, Ronaldo was already recognized as a phenomenon — a kid who ate, slept and drank soccer. “All he wanted to do as a boy was play football,” his godfather, Fernao Sousa, recalled for British reporters, adding, “He loved the game so much he’d miss meals or escape out of his bedroom window with a ball when he was supposed to be doing his homework.”

By his early teens, Ronaldo’s talent and legend had grown considerably. After a stint with Nacional da liha da Madeira, he signed with Sporting Portugal in 2001.

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  • Lionel Messi was born, 24 June 1987, in Rosario, Argentina to a working-class family. His father was a factory steel worker, and his mother a cleaner.
  • He began playing from an early age, and his talent was soon apparent. However, at the age of 11, Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency (GHT). This was a condition that stunted growth and required expensive medical treatment, including the use of the drug HARMON growth hormone.

Local club, River Plate were interested in signing Messi but didn’t want to pay for his medical treatment. However, Messi was given a trial with Barcelona, and coach Carles Rexach was impressed – offering Messi a contract (written on a paper napkin!) which included paying for Messi’s treatment in Spain. Messi moved to Barcelona with his father and became part of the prestigious FC Barcelona youth academy.


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  • Lionel Messi was born, 24 June 1987, in Rosario, Argentina to a working-class family. His father was a factory steel worker, and his mother a cleaner. He began playing from an early age, and his talent was soon apparent. However, at the age of 11, Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency 


Driving Streets


Rent a car, get a fuel top-up and drive-through the car wash service all at our built-to-kid-size driving street


Elementary School


Learn and enjoy at the Elemetary School, where Urbano, Beebop, Vita, Chika and Bache went to school…


Energy Conservation Hub

Junior Electrical Engineer

Monitor KidZania’s electrical grid and solve related problems by role-playing Junior Electrical Engineer


Express Delivery Service

Delivery Expert

Be a part of KidZania’s DHL express delivery service.


ace Painting Studio


Choose your design and get your face painted!


Family Health Clinic

Health Care Specialists

Learn fundamentals of healthcare that can reduce risk of contracting diseases at the HealthSpring Family Health Clinic!


Fashion Studio

Designer, Model

Be a fashion designer and up the glam quotient or a model and walk the ramp with utmost confidence and elan!



Fire Department


Be a hero, go on a fire patrol and learn what to do in case of fire by being a KidZania Firefighter.


Furniture Studio

Furniture Designer, Delivery Expert

Be a Pepperfry Furniture Champ: Learn how to artistically make furniture & deliver it yourself!



Auto Mechanic

Replace the wheels of a car, service and check its engine.


Gas Station

Gas Station Attendants

Fill fuel, clean the cars and check oil levels at the driving street!


Greeting Card


Coming to make greeting cards for your loved ones!!


Hair Spa

Customer, Stylist

Relax with a brilliant hair massage, get your hair styled or choose to become a stylist yourself.



Paramedic, Nurse/Pediatrician, Surgeon

Role-play at the KidZania Hospital and deal with an emergency, perform a surgery and take care of the babies in the nursery!


House Painting

House Painter

Paint a house and apply textures on the walls!


Ice Candy Factory

Ice Candy Expert

Make your own ice candy in a variety of flavours.


Job Information Centre

Job Applicant

Test your skills and find out which job suits you the best. Earn extra kidZos on completion of recommended jobs!


Mango Drink Factory


Discover more about how juices are made and make your own!


Music School


Be a part of a band & jam together to make some brilliant music!


National Painting School

Painter, Mural Painter

Learn to paint, go crazy with colors!


Newspaper Bureau


Play the role of a journalist by reporting facts, taking photos and writing an article on what’s happening in the city.


Parents’ Lounge

A sitting area for the parents while their kids perform theactivites


Party Hub

DJ, Party Goers

Time to shake a leg or mix some great music!


Pizza Shop

Executive Chefs

Make, bake and take home your own pizza!

Police Department

Police, CSI Agent

Where police protect and CSI investigates various situations and cases as they enforce law and order in KidZania Mumbai


Pottery Art Studio

Pottery Artists

Make a clay vessel or sculpture and sharpen your artistic skills


Quality Control & Inspection Hub

Kiwifruit Nutrition Experts

Kids can play the role of Kiwifruit Nutrition Experts and check the Nutrition Content in the 30-nutrient-filled Kiwifruit




At KidZania’s University, students can choose a Foundation Course in Medicine, Management, Engineering etc., after which they are awarded a certificate and graduation!


Television Studio

Hosts, Editors, Celebrities, Cameraman

Be part of the TV crew & role play as cameramen, editors, celebrities & hosts.


The Stock Exchange & More

Fund Manager, Investor

Learn the tricks of investing and help create funds. Fund Managers and Investors get familiar with the world of stock market and investments. Here they’ll learn about the 4 pillars – Invest, Earn, Save and Spend.


trike House


Pool, Air Hockey, Foosball and Board Games available. Enter, play and relax!



Cashier, Inventory Manager, Customer

Do groceries, learn about food choices, and stay within budget. You can also learn to manage the supermarket and attend to customers.


RightZKeepers House


The RightZKeepers Home! Walk into the living room, Kitchen, bathroom and the bedroom


Security Services


Deliver and collect valuable items to be kept safe, advise other establishments and take orders of intelligent security solutions.

Radio Station

Radio Jockey

Host a live Radio Talk Show and experience the role of a radio jockey



Bell Boy, Front Desk Trainee, Room Service Trainee, Dining Service Trainee

Deliver quality service to the resort guests!


Driving School


Learn about road safety, driving a car, take the test and get your driving license, do all this at the KidZania Driving School through role-play!


Donut Factory

Donut Chef

Become Donut Chefs – Choose different toppings and sample your own creation!


Dental Care Health Clinic


Role-play as a dental surgeon and in turn learn about hygiene!


Department Store

Customer, Inventory Manager, Visual Merchandiser

Decorate the store windows, do a stock check or just indulge in the retail therapy.


Dance Studio

Performance Artist

Learn some cool dance moves and dazzle the stage with your performance!



Culinary School

Trainee Chef

Visitor will be trained as chefs and create their own recipes which they can share and relish with their parents!





Deliver and collect tiffin boxes across KidZania!




Construction Company

Construction Engineer

Put away the blocks, its time we build buildings!


Clock Tower

Time Teller

Learn the KidZania dance, ring the tower bell and bring every hour with cheer!


Climbing Building


Seek adventure and learn how to climb a building!


Cleaning Master Window Washing

Window Washers

Help clean the windows in the construction yard and across KidZania!


Cereal Factory

Food Engineer, Food Sampler

Manufacture, package and take home your very own pack of Kellogg’s Chocos


Chocolate Factory

Chocolatiers, Joy Delivery Service

Take up the sweetest job in the world as you make your favorite chocolate!


Bollywood Actors Academy


Be a Zuperstar. Act in a movie scene or dance on a real film set!


Barber Shop

Customer, Barber Assistant

Design and apply a beard on a client or get one yourself!


Bottling Plant

Bottling Plant Engineer

Learn the bottling process to manufacture your own bottle of Coca-Cola – check hygiene, cleanse, add the secret formula, carbonate & package!

 Burger Shop

Burger Chef

Work as burger chefs and assemble your own burger!

Barber Shop

Customer, Barber Assistant

Design and apply a beard on a client or get one yourself!


Bank & ATM

Customer, Relationship Manager

Experience responsible banking through role-play at KidZania Mumbai. By en-cashing a cheque, opening a savings account and getting your own debit card


Biscuit Factory

Biscuit Maker

Kids will now have first-hand experience of various biscuit making processes.


Aviation Academy

Pilot, Cabin Crew

The Aviation Academy provides you with a unique opportunity to understand first-hand the tasks of a pilot and cabin crew through role-play.


Arts and Crafts Studio


Explore the world of arts and craft. Innovate, create and have fun!


Animation Studio

Trainee Animators

Get set to learn stop block animation

George’s marvellous medicine

George’s nasty old grandma needs teaching a lesson. George decides the best remedy for her grumpiness is a special home-made medicine. But Grandma gets more than she bargained for!

Grandma may not anticipate the results of the medicine fed to her by her grandson, but like George, Roald Dahl also had fun mixing marvellous concoctions. He called them witches potions and delivered them to his children just before bedtime. They included ingredients like tinned peaches blended with milk and either pink, blue or green food colouring. His were put together carefully, though – none of the nasty side effects George’s Grandma experienced…

Roald once said that, had he not become a famous writer, he would have loved to have been a doctor. In fact, after his son, Theo, had an accident in the early 1960s that led him to develop hydrocephalus (or “water on the brain”), Roald helped to create the Wade-Dahl-Till (WDT) valve. This was a cerebral shunt designed to more effectively drain excess fluid from the brains of hydrocephalus patients. By the time the WDT valve was ready for use Theo had recovered enough that he didn’t need it, but it went on to be used in countless operations.

Today, Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity continues this work, helping seriously ill children and young people to live a fuller and happier life.


You might expect the scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster to be a barren wasteland. But trees, bushes, and vines overtake abandoned streets surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power facility in the Ukraine. Now, researchers say they’ve discovered changes in the proteins of soybeans grown near Chernobyl that could explain how plants survive despite chronic radiation exposure. The findings could one day help researchers engineer radiation-resistant crops.

In April 1986, a reactor at the Chernobyl plant exploded, sending clouds of radioactive material across the countryside. Some radioactive substances with decades-long half-lives, such as cesium-137, persist to this day. Studies have shown deformities in local wildlife, and the 30-kilometer radius around the former plant is officially off-limits, though a few hundred elderly citizens still eke out an existence there. Despite the devastation, local flora flourishes. “You would never guess something happened there 23 years ago,” says Martin Hajduch, a plant biologist at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Nitra.

Hajduch and colleagues wanted to find out how these postnuclear plants survive. The team planted soybeans inside the 30-kilometer restricted zone, just 5 kilometers from the remains of the power plant. They then planted an identical batch of soybeans 100 kilometers from the plant, where cesium-137 levels were 163 times lower. After several months, the researchers harvested mature beans from the plants and analyzed the proteins inside.

The radiation zone beans looked odd even before the protein analysis. They weighed half as much and took up water more slowly than their low-radiation counterparts. And on a molecular level, the beans were even stranger, the researchers report in the June Journal of Proteome Research. When compared with normal plants, beans from the high-radiation area had three times more cysteine synthase, a protein known to protect plants by binding heavy metals. They also had 32% more betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase, a compound found to reduce chromosomal abnormalities in human blood exposed to radiation. Seed storage proteins, which provide nitrogen for germinating seeds, also showed up in different concentrations–some higher, some lower–than in regular soy.

So what do the researchers make of this molecular milieu? The plants seem to be protecting themselves from Chernobyl’s low-level radiation, says Hajduch, but no one knows how these protein changes translate into survival, or if they’ll be passed on to the plants’ offspring. The team plans to analyze four generations of beans to investigate further.

The research “really is novel and addresses an important societal question, especially given the growing interest in developing nuclear energy worldwide,” says Timothy Mousseau, a biologist at the University of South Carolina in Columbia who studies Chernobyl-area wildlife. If researchers can understand how plants respond to radiation, Mousseau says, they could begin to engineer crops to withstand–or even sequester and remove–nuclear contamination

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circulatory and excretory system – HRIDAY

The excretory system is very important to your body and only has a few parts. In a similar way to removing solid waste from your body, you must also get rid of fluids. You know the results of the excretory system as . 

is the result of the excretory system balancing the amount of water and salts in your body. We said the system is small. Your kidneys are the

core organs involved in the excretory system. Related body parts include the ureters, bladder, and urethra. Once the passes through your urethra, that’s it, it’s out of your body. What do those kidneys do? The regulation process of body fluids and salt levels is also called osmoregulation. The kidneys act as a filter. Eventually all of the blood in your body passes through the kidneys and they are able to do their filtering magic. The kidneys pull harmful molecules out of your bloodstream and leave the ones that are good for you. 

The kidneys are also key players in the hydration (water) levels for your body. Let’s say you are in the desert and you haven’t been drinking much water. Chemical signals are sent to your kidneys to reabsorb as much water as possible. The result is less creation and your body loses less water. A normal day has you creating about one and a half liters of fluid. The excretory system is a close partner with both the circulatory and endocrine system. The circulatory system connection is obvious. Blood that circulates through the body passes through one of the two kidneys. Urea, uric acid, and water are removed from the blood and most of the water is put back into the system. 

The endocrine system is the major controller of the excretory system. As levels of compounds and fluids are monitored, kidney function must be constantly altered to provide the best internal environment for your cells. If you drink too much water, hormones are released that allow for more production. If you are dehydrated, less will be produced. The kidneys are also tied to the endocrine system with the adrenal gland position on the top of each kidney. The adrenals release adrenaline into your body. While there are many diseases of the excretory system, even more problems can be created by a malfunctioning set of kidneys. Blood pressure is closely tied to the amount of fluid in your body. If a kidney does not work and filterproperly, blood pressure can increase to dangerous levels. If that weren’t bad enough, urea would accumulate in your tissues and would slowly poison the cells of your body. 

People with malfunctioning kidneys often have to go through a process called dialysis where they are hooked up to a machine that filters their blood. The machine acts as an artificial kidney and tries to re-establish normal levels of ions and water in their bodies. Many people on dialysis are waiting for kidney transplants. 

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There are eight planets in our solar system are …

  1. mercury,venus,earth,mars,jupiter,saturn,uranus,neptune .
  2. There are some planets that are not part of our solar system are…
  3. One planet was the part of our solar system named as pluto .
  4. Two planets are new in our galaxy named as xena,ceres.
  5. There is one star which gives Light to earth .
  6. On earth there are plants,animals and humans.
  7.  Moon is also part of our solar system.

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