My 5 Best Activities in this Academic Year


I had a lot of fun this year!!!! This year was full of great ideas and golden opportunities. I would love to share my fun experiences with you.                          Jungle Book Skit

On our first”no bag day”,4thA had a skit. I am also in 4thA. The skit was on one of our chapters of English-Mowgli meets his family. There were many characters in the skit. Let me tell you their names

  • Mowgli
  • Mother Wolf
  • Father Wolf
  • Baloo {The Brown Bear}
  • Bagheera {The Black Panther}
  • Akela {The Leader of the wolf pack}
  • Narrator

I played the role of Mother Wolf. It was great! All the girls wanted to play that role, but luckily I got it!

A Trip to Imagica

Our school went to a trip to Imagica!!!! It took a lot of time, but it was worth it. We did many rides like:-

  • Snow Imagica { but the snow was not real}
  • Tubby Takes Off
  • Dashing Cars {I got to drive a car in the age of 9}
  • All aboard! {In that we sit on different ships and target each other with water}
  • Mr. India{It was the best ride for me!}
  • Saleem Ghar{A haunted house}


Only the students who are very intelligent in maths are selected for this. Some times it is held in Thane{my school} , sometimes in malad, whereas sometimes in Koparkhane.

I am glad to be a part of Ramanujan! I have also got a trophee for it. I was 3rd.

Now I have only one target-to come 1st and get more marks than Abhiraj { The boy in our class who always comes 1st over all thane}


English Language Quest

I was also selected for this. Ramanujan and English Quest always take place in the same place and on the same day.

It is hard for me to give 2 exams back to back, but I  manage it somehow. English Language Quest is easier than  Ramanujan but still needs a lot of practice.

I also got a trophee for coming 3rd.


Public Speaking Classes

I always enjoyed public speaking classes. I liked expressing my thoughts in front of the whole class.

Although I never got a bookmark for it,the teacher always praised me.

There were 2 teachers who taught my class. They were:-

  1. Soumya Mam
  2. Beena Mam

I liked both the equally. I hope one of the teach my class next year!


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