The Ford Mustang is an American car manufactured by Ford. It was originally based on the platform of the second generation North American Ford Falcon, a compact car.The original 1962 Ford Mustang I two-seater concept car had evolved into the 1963 Mustang II four-seater concept car which Ford used to pretest how the public would take interest in the first production Mustang. The 1963 Mustang II concept car was designed with a variation of the production model’s front and rear ends with a roof that was 2.7 inches shorter. Introduced early on April 17, 1964 (16 days after the Plymouth Barracuda), and thus dubbed as a “1964½” by Mustang fans, the 1965 Mustang was the automaker’s most successful launch since the Model A.The Mustang has undergone several transformations to its current sixth generation.

The Mustang created the “pony car” class of American muscle cars, affordable sporty coupes with long hoods and short rear decks, and gave rise to competitors such as the Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac FirebirdAMC Javelin,Chrysler‘s revamped Plymouth Barracuda, and the second generation Dodge Challenger.The Mustang is also credited for inspiring the designs of coupés such as the Toyota Celica and Ford Capri, which were imported to the United States.

As of August 2018, over 10 million Mustangs have been produced in the U.S.


My ambition

My ambition is to become a scientist and my favorite subject is Mathematics and Science. 

I want to become as famous as Albert Einstein the great scientist who invented the formula E=MC square and Adolf .Related image

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I am collecting information of Mathematics and Science from 7 years.


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Mathematics includes the study of such topics as quantity, structure, space, and change. Mathematicians seek and use patterns to formulate new conjectures; they resolve the truth or falsity of conjectures by mathematical proof.


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Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. The earliest roots of science can be traced to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia in around 3500 to 3000 BCE.

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A good health is one which keeps us healthy in all aspects like mentally, physically, socially and intellectually. A good health provides us freedom from all the sickness and diseases. A good health is the feeling of mental, physical and social well being.

Importance of Health. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. For a healthy life cycle, a person needs to have a balanced diet and has to regularly exercise. One must also live in a proper shelter, take enough sleep and have good hygiene habits.
We need to be we need to eat whole foods. A balanced diet is crucial to stay healthy. Try to eat whole foods as much as possible, that is foods that are not processed and packaged. Fill up on lean proteins and get plenty of fruits and vegetables – the more colors the better.

We should eat fruits and vegetables because the risk of many diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers. Vitamins & Minerals, Fruits and veggies are rich in vitamins and minerals that help you feel healthy and energized. 

We need to also do exercises everyday in the morning as they keep us  fit.
Exercise can help you look better. … In fact,exercise can help keep your body at a healthy weight. Exercise helps people lose weight and lower the risk of some diseases. Exercising regularly decreases a person’s risk of developing  certain diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

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Today is the tenth of December  close to Christmas! I want to tell you why we celebrate Christmas. We Christians celebrate it as Jesus Christ birthday and others celebrate it for fun with gifts. It is a festival to spend with our families and cousins and friends. We all think it is celebrated for fun and gifts. We need to remember God has given us life, families, friends, and cousins.

Merry Christmas!

And A Happy New Year!


jallianwalabagh massacre

One of the most prominent form of non voilent protests was holding peaceful meetings to discuss problems that Indians faced because of british. One such meeting was held at  jallianwalabagh, Punjab. This was not liked by the british  officer, General Dyer . he arrived at the park and without giving a warning to the people , he ordered fire . he blocked the only gate of the park and fired at the people . Thousands of people were killed in the massacre .  This led Ghandiji to start the Non – corporation movement

cuontries of world

countreis  of the world there are many countries in the earth 

some are =









KSA[kingdom of saudi arabia]











iraq and iran


There are 4 types of computers
1. Super computers
2. Mini computers
3. Microcomputers
4. Miniframe computers

There are five generations of computers

1. Machine level language
2. Assembly language
3. High level language
4. High level language
5. Artificial inteligence