Stem  is a part of a plant . It holds the plant upright and straight.

Some stems grow underground like potato . Stem transports water & minerals to all parts of the plant.


Stem is a part of a plant.It stands upright.There are many plants of diffrent kind and colours.And so are the stem.Stem can be brown and also green.

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Plant Stem

Stem is the part of a plant.

It keeps the plant straight & upright.

It transports water & minerals to all  the parts of plant .

Stem is the main part of the shoot.

Stem has various colors like:

green/dark green/brown/dark brown.

Humans eat edible stems like:


sugarcane  ETC.





  • Stem is a part  of a tree
  • Stem stem distributes the food to the different parts of tree
  • The stem of a tree is thick and tall
  • There are different types of stem for different types of trees
  • Stems can be in different colors


  1. The stem is the main part of the plant.
  2. The stem holds the plant tightly.
  3. The stem produces minerals to the plant.
  4. The stem is a strong part of the plant.
  5. A stem is a supporter of the plant.