My Cousin Brother

Growing up I was always close to my cousin Rakshith. He is 4 years older than me, but my whole family told me we were exactly alike.We had the same interest, the same personality and we just got along so well.We only saw each other at family events like holidays or birthdays because he lived in Virginia and I lived in Texas, so being away from him for so long was hard but when we got together it was like we were never apart. 
One Christmas I was 7 and Evan was 11 we were incredibly bored at my grandparent’s house and wanted to do something funny. So we went around the house scouting for something to pull a prank on someone with. We stumbled into my grandma’s close and suddenly found a whoopee cushion we both looked at each other with huge grins on our faces. We immediately grabbed it and started plotting our prank.We decided to use the whoopee cushion on my grandpa we thought he would be the funnies to do it on. We darted around my grandpa so he wouldn’t notice us. We waiting until he got up from his chair and when we did we slid the whoopee cushion underneath a blanket on his chair and waited for him to sit back down. We were already giggling before he even sat down. Anticipating for him to sit down we watched him slowly come back to his chair. Everybody in the house could hear him sit down because there was this loud, disgusting farting noise. Evan and I start rolling on the floor cracking up, as everyone else was just looking at us in confusion. It scared my grandpa to death but as soon as he realized what it was he started laughing with us. That was one of my favorite memory of Evan and I. 
Once Evan and I started getting older we started growing apart. He was in high school and I was in middle school, he was just too cool for me. We still saw each other at family events, but it wasn’t the same we had nothing in common anymore. One day Rakshith called me when he was a senior in high school about to graduate, that he decided he was going to join the army. My heart dropped, my palms got sweaty and I just imagined him not being around and I almost broke down crying. I didn’t say anything on the phone for a while it was just dead silence; all you heard was us breathing. Suddenly Evan just said my name and told me everything was going to be all right. I only saw Evan once before he left to serve our country.Till this day I have not seen him and I miss him so much, but I have so much respect for him of what he is doing and I look up to him so much.