happy diwali




The Hindus In India Celebrated Many Festival.  Diwali Is The Very Famous Festival In IndiaOn This Day , Lord  RAMA  Come To Ayodhya  After 14 Years.The People Of Ayodhya Celebrated His Arrival.The Ayodhya People Lighting Up The Houses With Candles & Lamps.  The People Celebrated This Festival With Their Friends & Relative. People Serve Sweets To Their Friends & Relatives.  All People Wear New Dresses On This Festival. People Decorate Their Homes With Lamps & Candles.  Diwali Is Also Called ‘ Festival Of Light .On This Day , All People Enjoy The Firework At Night.

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He is a feames cricketer and won the prize in cricket he was  interested in cricket and he dose boling , catching , throwing  and bating and when his father die he left cricket

The cow and the lion

Once a upon a time there lived a farmer in a village . he had two cows. one cow was old and the another cow  was  young . Is the farmer left the old cow by saying bye cow you are is old .you can not lift any thing .And the cow went by crying .It went far and far it reached for forest after some minutes it saw a cave  it went into the lions cave. after some minutes the lion came and cow saw the lion coming it made a idea and make the lion scared  and it ran far .That time fox asked the lion why are you running .lion told the strange animal is going to eat me.

A lesson learned by a milkman

Long ago there lived a milkman in a small  village. He went to sell some of the milk in a far kingdom once he was going through the underpass .He saw a toy snake and thought a real Snake someone  has scared him to take the milk in his flask the milkman was afraid that he could not sell any more milk because that snake would scared him so one day he walked through the underpass again and so there the thief sitting and having with each other by drinking the milkman milk the milk man learnt a lesson that never get scared and sit go and face the problems which come in our life…

The air and the totise

One day the air and totise put a race air ran fast then totise air stopped beside the tree say backward totise was comming slowaly air tough to have some rest and he sleep totise came slowly and after some time air wolk up and he though the totise is  still coming far and air ran fast there the totise as win the race The end

The morol of the story Don’t laugh at anyone at last you will only get                                                                        laugh


The crane and fox

Once a upon a time there lived a crane and the fox near the river. One day there was a fox it was very bad and it was making fool of animals and the crane was very good .one day he thought to make fool of crane . Then he went near the crane and said hello ! Crane how are you ? You know today is my birthday .so the crane wish him happy birthday! my dear friend . so the fox said I am inviting you to my birthday please come even my friends are coming .so the crane said ok! Then the crane went to his house . Then the fox brought some chicken soup in the plate .Then the fox drank the soup and the crane did not drank so the fox was laughing ha ha ! So the crane was very sad . then the crane called fox to her house . so the fox went and sat on the table the crane brought some vegitable soup in the glass so the fox couldn’t drink so the fox went of  .

Moral : don’t fool anybody .


Ghandiji is our father of our nation he fought for us till we get freedom many police Britishers had put him to jail.He was working in South Africa for 20years.So once in a park named Jallian wala Bhag Masscur thousands of people died from bullets which now on could escape because the gates were locked when Ghandiji saw this let to non cooperation movement.




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